Our Facility

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our highly secure, HIPAA compliant facility is built with customer service and a commitment to an error free environment in mind!



We will keep a back stock of your pre-printed cards, card carriers and envelopes in our warehouse to pull from. That way we are ready to go with your order whenever you are!  We keep meticulous track of your inventory and report this to you so that you know exactly what is being used and how quickly.  As needed, any reorders will be handled by us, so you never need to worry about running out of inventory!


Our production area is located within a coded, limited access area.  We know the information you provide to us is often confidential so each employee signs a confidentiality form to protect you and your members.  Each card is matched up with the corresponding card carrier by scanning a barcode to ensure 100% accuracy.  The barcode is scanned again after the carrier is inserted into the envelope and sealed to determine that each mailer is accounted for.

Mail is picked up from our facility every day to be processed and mailed in another secured facility.  This ensures that your jobs go out in a timely fashion!