Our Equipment

Card Issuance Systems

Our multiple card issuance systems reduce production steps and increase throughput. Combining inline card and carrier delivery with no manual intervention ensures no slowdown in productivity while allowing for customized messages and card content.

  • Card flexibility. See our card placement guide to illustrate this capability. This card placement flexibility accommodates a wider range of high-impact marketing campaigns to fit with your design and custom content.
  • Increased production integrity. Reduce human error and help ensure card-to-form integrity by leveraging the automated bar code verification process. Multiple verifications provide increased audit control and data integrity. This allows for tracking capabilities also, so we can look back at past jobs and verify exactly what was produced.
  • Print on demand. Customize your pre-printed card carriers with inline black & white printing.  This reduces cost, increases production speed and allows for custom messaging and/or addressing.

IVS Inserter

Each record you provide to us in your data is assigned a unique barcode in the address field which is scanned and verified after being inserted and sealed.  This ensures accuracy and integrity for all projects!  Do you want to provide a marketing piece along with your membership cards?  No problem with our inserter!  We have the capability to insert multiple pieces into the same envelope at the same time, saving you time and money.